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IMPACT SPOTLIGHT: Enabling an early Australian community battery trial

The Narrabri Shire, one of Australia's "coal-impacted communities," was granted federal funding for a community battery, primarily due to the efforts of Hub partner Geni.Energy to make it happen, with an application supported by Hub research outcomes.

After undertaking a project looking at the viability of community batteries at different scales and demonstrating extensive ongoing community engagement, Geni.Energy received federal government support to begin the Narrabri Community Battery Trial Project.

Geni.Energy was one of only two organisations eligible for Stream 2 of the funding made available through the Community Batteries for Household Solar program.

The project will install and commission Narrabri's first 500kWh battery in the Town Hall carpark, which will soak up excess solar energy during the day and make it available at night. It is anticipated that this project will bring localised benefits to homes with solar panels as well as supporting the grid. Geni.Energy hopes that the experience gained through the trial can be used to help other communities transition to renewable energy.

Read more about the project from Geni.Energy Managing Director, Sally Hunter: Why we need to fight for the "community" in community batteries (24 June, 2024)

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