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IMPACT SPOTLIGHT: Solar & battery calculator features in government's Solar Consumer Guide

SunSPOT is a solar and battery calculator built by Hub researchers in partnership with the Australian PV Institute to help households and small businesses navigate the confusing and highly technical solar sales market. The online tool enables users to access free, independent and reliable advice about how much solar they need, how much solar will fit on their homes and how much money they can save on their electricity bills.

Earlier this year, the Australian government released the Solar Consumer Guide to help more Australians reap the benefits of rooftop solar. SunSPOT is featured in this guide as part of the step-by-step independent advice offered to those considering purchase of a solar system.

With free estimates from SunSPOT and helpful advice from the Solar Consumer Guide, consumers can feel more confident about buying the right solar systems for their homes and small businesses.

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