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Hub Director, Professor Joe Dong, features in this month's edition of ecogeneration in an article entitled: "Catch it if you can … the race to build tomorrow’s storage".

The ARC Research Hub Director for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions, Professor Joe Dong, was named as a finalist for the prestigious Global Energy Prize, 2020.

Cited by pv magazine as the 'Grid Guru', Professor Joe Dong was named a finalist for his outstanding and sustained contribution to the operation, control and cyber security of smart power grids and the electric power industry.

The prestigious annual prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in research and technology, and is designed to address some of the world's most pressing energy challenges.

Read more at the UNSW Newsroom or on pv magazine's profile article.

Professor Joe Dong is also the Director of UNSW's Digital Grid Futures Institute

Dr Rahman Daiyan and Dr Emma Lovell have developed a new process with a cheap and abundant zinc oxide catalyst that can transform waste carbon dioxide to syngas - a building block for creating diesel, methanol, alcohol or plastics, all high demand feed-stock for industry.

This research is just one of the projects within the Hub's Power-to-gas theme lead by Professor Rose Amal, Find out more about this inspiring research in the UNSW Newsroom article " Engineers find neat way to turn waste carbon dioxide into useful material" or read the Abstract for their paper in Advanced Energy Materials.