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How is our research financed?
Our research projects are financed with contributions from the ARC ITRP grant, other grants and contributions from industry partners. Our Chief Investigators’ time is supported by their employing university, and our Partner Investigators’ time spent on the project is supported by their employer. This combination of ARC and partner funding and in-kind contributions from universities and partners allows us to both guarantee resources as well as attract talented post-doctoral fellows and PhD candidates.

How do we work with our partners?
Depending on the project, our partner investigators have many different roles, from accompanying PhD candidates to supplying expertise, equipment, materials, or data for research. They may be testing and utilizing tools and processes developed from research as projects advance, or actively collaborating on a weekly basis.

How will our partners benefit from the research?
Under specific licensing terms, our partners will be able to use research results and new intellectual property in their processes and practices. They can access – and contribute - to cutting edge technological developments in the wide field of energy storage. By sponsoring PhD candidates, they also build relationships with highly qualified individuals – important in competitive workplaces.

How do we manage intellectual property?
Our intellectual property is managed according to UNSW practice, within a negotiated contractual agreement that conforms to both University, ARC and national standards, including the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Generally, any intellectual property developed will be owned by our universities, while partners will hold specific licensing rights within a given territory. These dispositions are to ensure that “benefits to Australia from the research it (ARC) funds are maximised through the effective management and use, including commercialisation, of intellectual property arising from ARC funded research.”

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