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Hub theme leader Professor Rose Amal named 2019 NSW Scientist of the Year

Scientia Professor Rose Amal AC, from the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW Engineering, named 2019 NSW Scientist of the Year.

Professor Amal, is a chemical engineer and the leader of the Particles and Catalysis Research Group at UNSW.

Her research spans fundamental chemistry, applied chemical engineering fields, material science and specialised photochemistry fields. Professor Amal designs nanomaterials for solar and chemical energy conversion applications, including photocatalysis for water and air purification and water splitting, and engineering systems for solar processes that use the sun’s energy to generate clean fuel.

Her group is at the forefront of fundamental particle and catalysis research and development in Australia, in areas which directly impact people's lives. “We are researching catalysts for efficient energy conversion, such as hydrogen production from water, and chemical production from CO2. These reactions are important as they address the changing energy mix for a sustainable future and can reduce energy costs for consumers,” Professor Amal said. “It is more likely these catalysts will be implemented if they harness multiple energy sources which address the cost issues. For example, we can combine both light and heat energy to activate a catalyst.”

Beyond fundamental development in these areas, Professor Amal is translating this research into real-world applications to benefit the community.

Professor Amal leads the Power-To-Gas theme of the ARC Research Hub.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian presents Scientia Professor Rose Amal with 2019 Scientist of the Year Award. Courtesy of UNSW Newsroom

Republished with permission from UNSW Newsroom

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