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Chief Investigator
Research Theme Leader

John Fletcher is a Professor (Energy Systems Research Group) in the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. He joined UNSW in August 2010.  He has also consulted for many global industrial companies in the UK, USA, China, Europe and Japan. An electrical engineer who specialises in power electronics, electrical machine drives and electric propulsion, John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Hub.

As Director of the UNSW Digital Grid Futures Institute, founder of The Electrification Lab and an Australian Trailblazer in clean energy technology, he understands the importance of real-world application and commercialisation of knowledge. Challenging university tradition, John inspires researchers to think beyond academia and consider how their knowledge can benefit our greater society while enabling networking across faculties and private industry. In working to solve a missing link in decarbonisation (a digitised grid), John hopes to spread optimism, empowering as many as he can to benefit from the switch, while also making the term ‘decarbonisation’ redundant as soon as possible.

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