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Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

Professor of Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Her research and professional interests include:

Metal Extraction and Molten Salts
Aluminium electrowinning from cryolite and alternative electrolytes. Aluminium plating from room temperature electrolytes. Advanced control in aluminium smelting. Vanadium extraction from fly-ash and spent catalysts.

Battery Research
Vanadium Redox-cell batteries for remote area and load levelling applications. Commercial prototype design and development. Field testing of vanadium battery in Solar House applications and electric golf cart. Redox fuel cells and batteries for electric vehicles.

Electrode Processes and Electrode Materials
Chronopotentiometry, cyclic voltammetry and rotating ring-disc voltammetry for study of mechanisms of electrode reactions at different electrode surfaces. Preparation and characterization of conductive polymers and conductive plastic composites. Electrode activation and modification.

Membranes for Electrochemical Systems
Membrane characterization for redox cell applications. Membrane modification.

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